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Simple, inexpensive ownership option provides privacy protection

A land trust is a legal agreement in which a property owner (or group of owners) transfers a property title to a trustee, but retains the freedom to develop, rent and sell the property. Continental National Bank can help you set up a trust that, among other advantages, allows the identity of property owners to remain private, the probate process to be avoided, and land ownership to be easily transferred. Currently, Continental National Bank offers land trust services through our Illinois land trust office only.

Land Trust Forms
Successor Land Trustee

Successor trustees take over if the initially designated trustee can no longer carry out their responsibilities. Continental National Bank serves as successor land trustee to the following:

  • Continental National Bank of Dundee
  • Continental National Bank of Kane County
  • Continental National Bank of Riverside
  • Continental National Bank of Will County
  • First Bank of Dundee
  • First Bank of Meadowview
  • FirstMerit Bank, N.A.
  • Louis Joliet Bank and Trust Company
  • Midwest Bank and Trust Company
  • Midwest Trust Services, Inc.
  • Old Orchard Bank and Trust Company
  • Riverside National Bank
  • Royal American Bank
Continental National Bank is a full-service bank with branches in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.

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