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Our goal is to offer great financial services and to make your life easier. That's why we've created a simple guide that will make your transition to Continental National Bank as smooth as possible. 
  1. We're ready to help you open your new account.
  2. When direct deposit into your new account begins, we can take care of automatic payments you may need to transfer.
    • Review your most recent statement at your former bank and determine all automatic payments and credits that need to be transferred to your Continental National Bank account.
  3. When the automatic payments and credits have cleared your account, it's time to close your old account.
    • Deposit the remaining balance from your old account to your new Continental National Bank account.
    • Complete the Account Closing Letter, print it, sign it and send it to your former bank.
    • Make sure you keep your old account open until the automatic payments and direct deposit/credits have cleared your new account. This process may take up to 60 days.
  4. Enjoy your new Continental National Bank account. Let us know what we can do to improve your experience.
    • If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Continental National Bank representative, call +1 (305) 642-2440 and we'll help you get started.

Common List of Payees

To set up payments to these companies, either follow the directions on each website or use our Automatic Payment Transfer Form (ACH Debit) and mail it to the company.
Here are some examples of other bills our customers pay on a monthly basis:
  • Car payments
  • Mortgage payments
  • Home equity loan payments
  • Health club payments
  • Insurance payments 
  • Subscriptions
Continental National Bank is a full-service bank with branches in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.
The routing number for Continental National Bank is 071922777.

The routing number for Health and Benefits Accounts (HSA, FSA, HRA, QTA) is 067015928.
Visit our branch locations page to find location near you and to see the hours of operation.
Opening your new account is easy. You can open your account online or visit any of our branch locations.
Your account number can be found on your monthly account statement.
Please visit any of our branches closest to you to change the name on your account.

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